Bakery Banh My P again


美味しいバィンミー屋さんの情報が見つけられなかったので、もう一回Bánh Mỳ Pへ。
I went to Bánh Mỳ P again because I can’t find good Bánh Mỳ restaurant.
In this time, I ordered grilled chicken because I ate meat ball in last time.

Bakery Banh My P
12 Hàng Buồm

I prefer meat ball.

IMGP0136-20150704-8.5 mm-1-400 秒 (f - 1.9)


IMGP0131-20150704-8.5 mm-1-60 秒 (f - 2.8)

IMGP0132-20150704-5 mm-1-50 秒 (f - 2.8)

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