Deccan Hervest

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IMGP1239-160125[8.5 mm 0.6 秒 (f - 1.9) ISO 800]

I had a drinking party in the last week in India.
It is 2 and half months since I came here.

Deccan Harvest
SR 143, Opposite Tower 1, Magarpatta, Pune


Indian foods are almost good basically.
But, I want to eat also not spicy food.


There were not strong spicy foods.
But, as usual, there were spicy foods and sweat desserts.


Butter chicken curry was very good as can be eaten without worry at any time.

IMGP1229-160125[5 mm 1-5 秒 (f - 2.8) ISO 800]

IMGP1233-160125[5 mm 0.5 秒 (f - 2.8) ISO 800]

IMGP1234-160125[8.5 mm 1-6 秒 (f - 1.9) ISO 800]

IMGP1245-160126[8.5 mm 1-50 秒 (f - 1.9) ISO 800]

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